Incredible Beings

Despite, in spite of, on top, underneath, around, in between, around and straight through this damn pandemic, there’s been a lot of cool happenings in good ole’ Golden Town. Just a walk about will show you new businesses; amazing tacos, beautiful house wares and delish baking (in one place!), a new bakery on its way and more. The already established businesses have added on to their existing offerings, improved their spaces, expanded their digs or moved and re-opened altogether. This last many months has been a bold and brave show of taking the very definition town of golden opportunity to task!

Here at Bacchus, we are so very happy to be whole again. In the bookstore, we have a bunch of really amazing bookies who love books, love book folk and love to be here. In the café, we have two kitchen mavens cooking up delicious eats and bringing the upstairs vibe to meet the downstairs atmosphere in a full flurry of good times.

We’d like to take a mo’ to introduce you to the incredible beings who make this place a dream.

In the bookstore Jane has been with Bacchus Books for many joyful years. Her love of art and life fills the room as does her wonderful accent and passion for books. Saturdays are mainly Jane’s domain, energetic and cozy whether it’s summer or winter and everything in between Jane can help you find yourself and an inspiring read.

Kenzie joined us right before the panic hit. With only a few shifts under her belt, she stuck with us until we could open the doors again. Also a dedicated massage therapist and serious outdoors woman, Kenzie knows what to grab if you’re hiking, biking, climbing, trekking and needing to be on top of your healthy life.

Kerri has been coveting a place in this quirky little store of ours for some years now. Many an enthusiastic happy dance was performed when the fates aligned to bring her to her spot behind the desk. Kerri is a massage therapist and yoga instructor and is attempting to guide our devilish ways into the light. Versed in things poetic, internal, spiritual and healthful, Kerri can also point you in the direction of a damn good soul-comforting book.

Jody is our newest addition. Although you may have seen her over the years moonlighting here and there, we are happy to have nailed her down for a couple days a week. An utterly masterful photographer, Jody spends most of her time capturing the most magical moments of people’s lives as they get engaged, elope or get married. When she’s not behind a lens, she’s behind a book, walking her pup, cooking up a storm and in less pandemic times, traveling. Non-fiction and deep, moving lit is her game, and you’ll likely find her just waiting to show you the way.

We are also oh-so-lucky to have Nicole, who baked her first babe right here in the store, grace us with her brilliance when she’s able. And our man on the floor, Jonah who you’ll be able to chat books, music and funky t-shirts with when you can find him around his college sched.

Upstairs in the bright, fresh café, we’ve got Katie and Petra. Culinary goddesses in their own rights, these two beauties have joined forces to blow your socks off seven glorious days a week! You know them their local and beyond endeavors… Katie is a backcountry chef and author of The Skoki Cookbook and The Rocky Mountain Cookbook.

Petra, also a backcountry magician, is the genius behind Mo’s Mountain Cuisine. It’s hard to discern what exactly these two do in their spare time because at the moment they don’t have any! From running their own backcountry businesses, to families, to renovating and overhauling the delightful space we call Bacchus Café (2020!) you’ll likely find them here most of the time for the foreseeable future, to the absolute glee of our full and very happy tummies.

We are super Bacchus sized stoked to have all of these amazing folks spending their days within these walls. And we are beyond thrilled to see all of you day in day out. Sure, routines are a little different than we are used to, but we are happy to be here and hope you are too!

Caleb, Niki and Court

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