Bacchus, Take Me Away!

Do you feel it? It’s time. It is time for a vacation from all of this, don’t you think? Yeah, me too. It is absolutely insane to realize that we have been fighting the Coronavirus for almost one entire year.  January marks a year since we began to hear the murmurings from Asia on the news. I remember cooking dinner in the kitchen of my new home and chatting with a girlfriend about it. I was one of the early scoffers, one of the people who discounted Covid as no worse than the flu and told my friend to keep her hair on.  Oops.

The Chestnut Man

One sometimes tends to be wary when reading a book translated from another language with thoughts of what may or may not be lost in translation or if references crucial to the plot may be missed in the telling of the story in another language.  I am here to say that is absolutely not the case with Soren Sveistrup’s The Chestnut Man.

Incredible Beings

Despite, in spite of, on top, underneath, around, in between, around and straight through this damn pandemic, there’s been a lot of cool happenings in good ole’ Golden Town. Just a walk about will show you new businesses; amazing tacos, beautiful house wares and delish baking (in one place!), a new bakery on its way and more.

Women In Sunlight

I’m not sure if it’s a brilliant idea or a brilliantly evil method of self-torture to read a book like this during a pandemically-induced world-wide travel ban. Frances Mayes has a beautiful talent for creating vivid images in the minds of her readers, thus transporting us to a very specific place in time and geography.