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Hamnet & Judith

Set in Shakespearean times with flickering candle light and the scent of herbs hanging from the rafters and soap making in the out buildings and woodsmoke redolent in the air, the tale of Hamnet and Judith begins. A story of love, heartbreak, motherhood, siblingship, grief, the trials of a long distance relationship, marriage, great sickness and trying to make a living, it’s interesting to note that in centuries past that while we feel so much has changed, the reality is that nothing much really has.

The Last Neanderthal

The Last Neandra… what? If you’re thinking that this is just a grown up version of Grood, you my friend are quite mistaken. This book sat on my shelf for almost two years, calling me quietly from a place deep inside each time I passed by. On Sundays as I dusted the shelves, I’d feel a slight quiver as the book reached out towards my soul in reminder. And finally, one winter evening with a fire roaring and a glass of red, I reached back.

Troubled Blood

First I have to say… nine hundred and forty four pages. I decided a couple days before the end of the year that I was going to read this book before the New Year.Β  Have you read a 944 page hardcover book? It’s damn heavy! And here I am, lugging it everywhere, to the bath, to bed, to the reading chair, to the kitchen table. Thank the book gods that I got a bath caddy for Christmas that holds books or I’d have sunk.

Radio Star

I can only think of a few other ways that would compare to spending a few moments on sunny February afternoon talking with Sheryl McKay from North By Northwest on CBC radio about books. Those other ways would of course be reading books, selling books and ordering books. A true book nerd am I.